How do I correct or dispute inaccuracies on my Equifax Canada credit file?

To correct errors on your Equifax Canada credit file, please complete and submit a Consumer Credit Report Update Form to Equifax.

By mail:
Equifax Canada Co.
Consumer Relations Department
Box 190 Jean Talon Station
Montreal, Quebec
H1S 2Z2

By fax: (514) 355-8502

Equifax will review any new details you provide and compare it to the information in our files.  If our initial review does not resolve the problem, we will contact the source of the information to verify its accuracy. If the source informs us that the information is incorrect or incomplete, they will send Equifax updated information and we will change our file accordingly.  If the source confirms that the information is correct, we will not make any change to our file.  In either case, you may add a statement to our file explaining any concerns you have.  Equifax will include your statement on all future credit reports we prepare if it contains 400 characters or less.

If Equifax changes the credit file in response to your request, we will automatically send you an updated credit report to show you the changes.  At your request, we will also send an updated credit report to any of our customers who received one within 60 days before the change was made.