How quickly does the credit lock take effect?

When you lock your Equifax credit report online or by phone, the lock takes effect immediately. If a lender or other business then requests your credit report, we will promptly inform them that it is locked and not accessible for credit-related purposes. For mail-in requests, it can take up to five business days after your request is received at Equifax for the lock to be applied. 

When your Equifax credit report is unlocked, Equifax will deliver your credit report to lenders and other credit grantors upon request in accordance with applicable legislation (see above “What is a credit lock” for more information). Be aware that lenders and other businesses may make credit decisions about you without requesting your Equifax credit report from us. For example, they may rely on information previously requested and received when your Equifax credit file was unlocked. Equifax isn’t liable for any action or inaction of lenders and other businesses that have been informed of a locked status on a credit report, or that have not requested access to your Equifax credit report after a credit lock has been activated.