How do I get a free copy of my Equifax Canada credit report?
How is information in my credit report used?
What is a credit lock?
How can I lock or unlock my credit report?
How does a credit lock prevent new credit accounts from being opened in my name?
What is the difference between a fraud alert and a credit lock?
Who can place a credit lock on my credit report?
Is there a charge to lock or unlock my credit report?
I locked my credit report while living in Quebec. I’ve moved to a different part of the country. What happens now?
I’m a resident of Quebec but living outside of the province temporarily. Can I lock my credit report?
I’m not a resident of Quebec. Can I lock my credit report?
Why is the ability to lock credit reports only available to residents of Quebec?
What if I have addresses inside and outside of Quebec?
How quickly does the credit lock take effect?
My credit report is locked. Why did I get a pre-approved credit offer?
I am applying for a new job or volunteer position. Do I need to unlock my credit report?
I am applying for an apartment and/or insurance. Do I need to unlock my credit report?
I am applying for social services. Do I need to unlock my credit report?
I locked my credit report but I see a new entry in the hard inquiry section. What does this mean?
Will locking my credit report affect my credit scores?
Will my credit report keep getting updated if it is locked?
Can collection agencies still contact me if my credit is locked?
Will locking or unlocking my Equifax credit report also affect my TransUnion credit report?
I see two login windows. What do I need to do?
What are the benefits of the system upgrade?
Why was my product changed from one name to another?
I had two Equifax products and now I have one - why?
Why can’t my spouse and I use the same email?
What does “use a unique email address to sign in” mean?
Why am I paying sales tax with my Equifax product?
How do I limit the sharing of my information?
I’m interested in purchasing an Equifax product. Why isn’t the identity theft insurance feature available for Quebec residents?
What is the difference between Equifax Consumer Services LLC ("ECS") and Equifax Canada Co. ("ECC")?
How do I correct or dispute inaccuracies on my Equifax Canada credit file?
Will inaccurate information on my Equifax credit report affect my credit scores?
How do I cancel my Equifax product?
Why do you need my personal information when placing an order?
What is a credit score?
What to Know About Equifax Identity Restoration
How can I reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of identity theft?
I have dual citizenship with the United States. Can I merge my Canadian credit report with my U.S. credit report?
What are the most common factors that can negatively affect credit score?
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How can I find out more information about Identity Theft in Canada?
How to improve your credit worthiness?
How do I log into my Equifax account?
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