Equifax Canada Privacy Statement

Last Updated: July 5, 2020

Equifax prides itself on being a trusted steward of personal data and we are committed to protecting the personal data that we collect, use, disclose, and store.  

This privacy statement describes how Equifax Canada Co. (“Equifax Canada”), its parent company and affiliates (collectively, “Equifax”, “we”, “us”, “our”) collect, use, and share personal data about Canadians in the course of doing business in Canada. For clarity, unless otherwise indicated, the statements below apply to all Equifax entities in the course of doing business in Canada. Individuals outside of Canada should refer to the privacy statements for the applicable country on our country-specific websites. 

By accessing or using this website or any services provided by Equifax that are directed to Canadians, you agree to the collection, use and sharing of your personal data as set out in this privacy statement. 

We may change this privacy statement in the future. If we make changes to this privacy statement we will post the revised privacy statement and its effective date on this website.

Consumer Reporting Activity 
Equifax Canada is a registered Canadian consumer reporting agency and complies with the applicable provincial legislation regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal data used in consumer credit reports. Equifax Canada’s consumer credit database is located in Canada.

Employment Data
Please note that Equifax Canada restricts the use of personal data collected through our employment-related products, such as employment and income verification. Please read the Canada Workforce Solutions section for more information. 

Equifax Consumer Services 
Equifax Consumer Services LLC (“ECS LLC”) is an affiliate of Equifax Canada that operates in the United States to deliver the online credit report, score and monitoring products described within the “Personal” section of this website. 

When you order an Equifax personal product online, you are providing your personal data and consent to ECS LLC, which collects your credit information from Equifax Canada to provide you with the personal products that you have ordered. ECS LLC stores data in the United States. Please read the Equifax Consumer Services section for more information. 

Personal Data Collected

Equifax collects the following categories of personal data:

Name and contact information. Your first and last name, email address, postal address (current and former), phone number, and other similar contact information. 

Identifiers. Government-issued identifiers, such as social insurance number, as well as other unique identifiers such as those associated with the device used to access this website.

Demographic information. Information about you such as your date of birth and gender.

Payment information. Information required to process payments directly to Equifax, such as your payment card information including its account number and associated security code.  

Financial information. Information about your financial accounts, such as outstanding balances, loan history, and bill payment history. In some cases this includes corresponding account numbers. 

Internet or other similar network activity. Information regarding your browsing history, search history, and information about how you interact with our websites, applications, advertisements, or emails. Please read the Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technology section for more information.  

Device information. Information about the devices you use to access our websites, applications, or advertisements, such as browser, user agent, operating system type, device type and ID, and IP address. Your IP address may be used to identify the general geographical location of your device. 

Professional or employment-related information. Information regarding your employment status, history, and compensation. 

Support information. Information you provide when you contact Equifax for support, such as the content of your communications with Equifax, and the products or services related to your inquiry. When you contact us, such as for customer support, phone conversations, video conferences or chat sessions with our representatives may be monitored and recorded.

Education information. Information regarding your student loan payment history and collections. 

Public records information. Information about you lawfully made available by federal, provincial, or local governments. This includes information about legal proceedings in court records, bankruptcies, and lien registrations.

We use surveillance, including video recording, in and around our customer service locations for the safety of our customers, employees and others, and to protect against illegal activity, such as theft, vandalism and fraud. 


Sources of Personal Data 

We collect personal data, with consent or as permitted by law, from the following sources:

Directly from you. Equifax Canada collects personal data through our interactions with you, such as when you contact customer support to update your information, receive a copy of your credit report, apply to Equifax Canada for employment, or create an online account on our employee web portal.  ECS LLC collects personal data from you through our online products, such as when you register to create an online account. ECS LLC also collects personal data when you interact with our social media accounts and contact customer support regarding your online product. Some of this information is collected about your interactions, use, and experience with our products and communications.

Devices and browsers. We collect personal data through browsers and devices that interact with our websites, online services, and mobile applications.

Employers. Companies provide Equifax Canada with personal data about their employees, including current and former employees. We usually receive this information as part of providing services to our Canada Workforce Solutions customers. Employment and compensation information is sometimes provided by your employer’s payroll or other service provider on your employer’s behalf. Please read the Canada Workforce Solutions section for more information. 

Financial institutions. Equifax Canada collects personal data from companies that offer financial products or services to consumers, like loans, financial or investment advice, or insurance, and have obtained your consent to share your data with Equifax Canada. This includes banks, mortgage lenders, loan brokers, some financial or investment advisors, insurance companies, and debt collectors.

Consumer credit customers. Equifax Canada collects personal data from businesses you permit to access your consumer credit report information in connection with a transaction between you and the business. For example, this includes retail businesses that offer branded credit cards, car dealerships that arrange or facilitate financing for your car purchase or lease, property managers that evaluate your lease application, utility and telecommunications providers, and third-party businesses that offer you access to the information in your Equifax consumer credit report as part of a product or service. 

Third-party data providers. Equifax Canada purchases personal data from third-party companies that collect and aggregate personal data. Data resellers collect personal data from a variety of sources, including directly from consumers, through devices and browsers, public records, news sources, and from other businesses and data brokers.  

Public records. Equifax Canada collects personal data which is sourced from public records made available by government entities (e.g., administrators of child and spousal support payments) and legal suppliers (e.g., courthouse reporters). This includes information on real property ownership and sales history, court findings, child and spousal support payments, and federally provided sanctions lists.


How We Use and Share Personal Data 

We may use or share the personal data we collect for one or more of the following purposes.

Consumer Credit Reporting. As a consumer reporting agency, Equifax Canada uses personal data to prepare, maintain, update and share your credit report, credit scores and related services with you upon written request and with customers where permitted by law and who have obtained your consent where required. Equifax Canada also shares this information with ECS LLC with your consent so that ECS LLC can provide you with the online products that you have ordered. Equifax Canada uses personal data to investigate and resolve inaccuracies in your credit report.  

Commercial Credit Reporting. Equifax Canada uses and shares personal data as part of our commercial credit reporting services. These services permit our customers to make informed decisions regarding providing credit to or investing in businesses. Commercial credit reports may contain the names and other personal data of owners, principals, guarantors, or agents of the businesses. 

Canada Workforce Solutions. Equifax Canada uses and shares personal data as part of the Canada Workforce Solutions services that we provide to our customers. These services enable our customers to provide services and benefits to their employees, and to help manage their workforce in compliance with laws and regulations. These services also help employees obtain services and benefits they apply for. Please read the Canada Workforce Solutions section for more information. 

Fraud Detection and Identity Management. Equifax Canada uses and shares personal data as a part of our fraud detection, identity verification, and identity resolution services. These services help us and our customers prevent security incidents, protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, as well as more accurately manage the account information of their customers. 

Regulatory Compliance. Equifax Canada uses and shares personal data as part of our regulatory compliance products, which help customers comply with laws and regulations.

Debt Recovery. Equifax Canada uses and shares personal data as part of our debt recovery products. These products help our customers locate debtors for the purposes of collecting debts owed by the debtor. 

Business purposes. We use and share personal data to manage our business, including: 

  •  Offer and provide you with products and services;
  • To monitor, review and improve customer service and internal business processes;
  • To audit or investigate the use of our products and services by our customers;
  • For testing, research, analysis and product development; 
  • To improve our websites and present their contents to website visitors;
  • To detect security incidents, protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity; and
  • Comply with all applicable laws.

ECS LLC may also use or share personal data for one or more of the following business purposes:

  • Personalize ECS LLC products and services and make recommendations;
  • Advertise and market products and services to ECS LLC customers from both affiliated and non-affiliated entities, which includes sending promotional communications, target advertising, and presenting ECS LLC customers with relevant offers;
  • To provide ECS LLC customers with email or SMS alerts and other notices concerning our products or services, or events or news, that may be of interest to you;
  • To carry out our obligations and enforce our rights arising from any contracts entered into between ECS LLC customers and us, including for billing and collections; and
  • For authentication purposes when ECS LLC customers access our products or services and to help you recover forgotten passwords.


Sharing Personal Data

We sometimes share personal data with third parties to carry out the business purposes described above, including with our affiliates and service providers. Prior to sharing personal data with third parties, we enter into a contract that describes the purpose and requires the third party to both keep that personal data confidential and secure and not use it for any purpose except performing the contract. 

Our affiliates and service providers may perform activities outside of Canada. As a result, your personal data may be securely used, stored or accessed in other countries and be subject to the laws of those countries.

We also share personal data for the following reasons: 

Disclosure for legal reasons or as necessary to protect Equifax, its affiliates and others.  We may release personal data to third parties: (1) to comply with valid legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena, court order, or other legal process; (2) in special cases, such as a physical threat to you or others, a threat to national security, a threat to our system or network; or (3) cases in which we believe it is reasonably necessary to detect, suppress or prevent harm, fraud, abuse, or illegal conduct.

Changes in our corporate structure. If all or part of our company is sold or merged, if we make a sale or transfer of assets, or in the unlikely event of a bankruptcy, we may transfer your information, including your personal data, to one or more third parties as part of that transaction.

If Equifax is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, we’ll continue to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and give affected users notice before personal data is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy. 


Equifax Consumer Services 

Equifax Consumer Services LLC (“ECS LLC”) is an affiliate of Equifax Canada that is based in the United States and provides direct-to-consumer products and services to Canadian consumers. When you order an Equifax product or service online or contact ECS LLC for customer support, you are providing your personal data to ECS LLC which processes and stores your personal data in the United States. You also give ECS LLC consent to collect your credit information from Equifax Canada in order to provide you with the online products or services you have ordered. 

ECS LLC does not use or share the personal data collected from Equifax Canada with any other party for any purpose other than to provide you with the products or services that you have ordered. ECS LLC may use de identified data to perform analytics, modeling and/or demographic studies. This de identified data does not include any information that individually, or collectively, could be used to identify a consumer. 

Please read the Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technology section for more information on how ECS LLC collects data through internet and other network activity.


Canada Workforce Solutions 

Through its Canada Workforce Solutions (“CWS”) products, Equifax Canada collects employee personal data from Canadian employers and their employees. CWS’s employment verification products use employer-provided information to offer income and employment verification services, which automate the process of employers responding to employment and income verification requests from third party verifiers, such as lenders and government agencies. The collection, use, and sharing of personal data for this purpose is regulated by privacy and provincial consumer reporting legislation. 

As part of providing CWS services, Equifax Canada and its affiliates agree to only use personal data collected through CWS products for the purpose of providing the CWS services, and not for other purposes such as marketing or updating consumer credit reports. This applies to employee personal data provided to Equifax Canada by an employer and personal data provided to Equifax Canada by an employee through interacting with a CWS product. Personal data provided to Equifax Canada for CWS services is stored separately from the database used to generate consumer credit reports.  

In some instances, when permitted by its clients, CWS uses de identified employee data to perform analytics, modeling and/or demographic studies. This de identified employee data does not include any information that individually, or collectively, could be used to identify either the employer or individual employees.


Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technology

We do not collect personal data through the use of cookies, trackers or similar tools on our website. 

We use session and persistent cookie technology. Cookies are text files saved by a device’s browser that store information. That information is available to us later when the browser returns to one of our websites.
Web Beacons 
Web beacons are small pieces of code placed on webpages, videos, and in emails. They tell us when a person views a web page, opens a video or reads their email. 
Other local storage
We use other kinds of local device storage in connection with the use of our services. These technologies are similar to cookies in that they are stored on devices. Local storage allows us to monitor people’s activities on our services and store their preferences.

Third-party cookies and tracking technology
Our partners use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies for similar purposes. We have agreements with companies, sometimes called "Ad Networks," that serve advertising on behalf of other companies. These Ad Networks may place or recognize a cookie, called a "third party cookie," on a visitor’s computer when they visit a website not affiliated with us that has a contract with them. Ad Networks use cookies to understand web usage patterns of people who see advertisements, to control the sequence of advertisements they see, to provide them with the most relevant advertising, and to make sure they don't see the same ad too many times. Ad Networks may connect information about pages visited on our site with information about pages visited on other sites. They show advertising based on this combined information, including advertising for our products. 

While we do not control Ad Networks or what they do with the information they collect, we only work with companies that have agreed to participate in the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and abide by NAI principles, which prohibit members from connecting identifying information to information they collect through cookies without explicit consent. 
Analytics Services 
Our websites, products, and online advertisements often contain web beacons or similar technologies from third-party analytics providers, which help us compile aggregated statistics about the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns or other operations. These analytics providers are able to set or read their own cookies on your device through which they can collect de identified information about your online activities across applications, websites, and other products. To learn more about controlling information provided to these analytics providers, click on the following links: Adobe opt-out site, Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.    



Safeguarding your personal data:
Equifax maintains industry accepted security safeguards when storing or destroying your personal data in order to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks. We regularly review, test and enhance our systems to ensure they meet accepted industry standards. We also limit the number of employees who may access your personal data on a need-to-know basis. We conduct due diligence on, and impose appropriate security standards for, our members who are permitted to access your information through products or services we offer.

In the event that we transfer your personal data to a third party in Canada or across borders for processing, we contractually require such third party to protect your personal data in a manner consistent with our privacy safeguarding measures, subject to the law in the third party jurisdiction.


Choices and Control over your Information 

Your rights to access and correct your personal data:
You are entitled to receive your credit report from Equifax Canada at no charge upon request. We encourage all consumers to request and review their credit report on a regular basis. By doing this, you can ensure that your report contains information that accurately reflects your credit history. You have the right to dispute any discrepancies by notifying us in writing and we will investigate to ensure the items reported are factual. Where a piece of information cannot be verified by the reporting source, we will remove it from your credit file.

You also have a right to access the other personal data belonging to you that is under our control subject to any legal restrictions or rights of refusal. Such a request for access must be made in writing stating the details of the personal data you are requesting to Equifax Canada’s Canada Privacy Office at Canada Chief Privacy Officer, Equifax Canada Co. 5700 Yonge St., Suite 1600, Toronto ON M2M 4K2. To ensure we disclose information to you only, with your request please include photocopies (front and back) of two (2) pieces of government issued identification so that we may verify your identity.

Your consent and how you may withdraw it: 
Where your consent is required for credit information to be reported to Equifax Canada or received from Equifax, such consent is obtained from you by the source (e.g., credit grantor). You may request a free copy of your credit file from Equifax Canada for a full list of companies that have accessed your credit file and that are reporting information to Equifax Canada. Please note that withdrawing your consent may affect your ability to continue to receive certain products and services from these companies.  

If you are a current customer of Equifax, in respect of consent directly obtained from you by us (e.g., to receive marketing communications) you may withdraw your consent here: Unsubscribe and Manage Preferences or by following the unsubscribe link included in the electronic communication. You are not able to opt-out of certain communications, including those relating to functions or features of our services, or technical or security notices. 

Online Behavioral Advertising
You can opt out of receiving ads based on your online behavior either by visiting the DAA opt-out page at http://www.aboutads.info/choices/, the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page at http://optout.networkadvertising.org/?c=1, or by clicking on the Ad-Choices icon in or near the ad. If you elect to opt out of online behavioral advertising (OBA), you will still see ads, but they may not be as relevant to you. Please keep in mind that opting out is cookie-based and will only affect the specific computer and browser on which the opt out cookie is applied. If you delete your browser cookies or if you use a different computer or different browser and want to continue to be opted out of interest-based advertising, you will need to opt out again. 

You can learn more about online advertising, including OBA or interest-based advertising, on the DAA website at www.aboutads.info/consumers and on the Network Advertising Initiative web site at www.networkadvertising.org/
Do Not Track
Some browsers transmit “do not track” signals to the websites and other online services with which a user communicates. We currently do not take action in response to these signals. 


Contact Us

If you have a question or concern, let us know:
For more information related to this Canada Privacy Statement or our personal data handling practices, please visit our Privacy Contact Form or write to the Canada Chief Privacy Officer by mail (listed above). 

If you have any concerns about this Canada Privacy Statement or personal data handling practices, and we are not able to resolve your concern you may contact the appropriate privacy regulator. The Canada Privacy Office will provide you with this contact information upon request.