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Equifax names new CTO for Canada to accelerate technology transformation

Equifax Canada strengthens its commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences with the appointment of Richard Oh

TORONTO, ON, April 22, 2021 Equifax, a global data analytics and technology leader, has named Richard Oh as Chief Technology Officer for Equifax Canada. Equifax has been on a journey of transformation to drive innovation by reconceiving and rebuilding the company’s technology systems and processes and moving to cloud-native architecture. This appointment of a new CTO is an important step forward in this process. 

Richard Oh has spent over 25 years in innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise solution delivery, and was most recently a founder of Highdegree, LLC., a joint venture with IronNet Cybersecurity, which was subsequently fully acquired by IronNet. He has worked with clients to deliver advanced digital and data solutions, and has an exemplary track record leading business transformation initiatives across various industries including financial, logistics, government, healthcare, cybersecurity and telco. 

"Equifax has transformed itself over the past several years, leveraging cloud native capabilities across our products to power better outcomes for our consumers and customers,” stated Bryson Koehler, Chief Technology Officer for Equifax Inc. "Our new ways of building products enables us to bring in new leadership that deeply understands how to fully leverage our new capabilities, and I'm thrilled to have Richard join us to lead our Canada technology and product engineering teams. Richard brings a diverse background of enterprise software management experience, launching products, companies, divisions and leading teams in strong engineering organizations."

“We were looking for a Canadian CTO who would push boundaries and stretch our conceptions of what is possible to create something extraordinary — that’s what our transformation is at its core,” explains Sue Hutchison, President of Equifax Canada. “It’s a holistic mindset shift, a reimagining of processes and strategies that will make it easier for our customers to work with us, and enable us to solve business problems faster. The insights and solutions we provide to our customers are key to helping Canadians live their financial best. The progress that Richard will drive will move us in the right direction, with our customers and their customers at the centre of our efforts.”