Product Overview

To stop unauthorized access to your online services, you need to know your customers are exactly who they say they are. Get that extra layer of security and grant customers quick access to your business with our accurate customer identification tool, eIDverifier®.

As well as instantly confirming age and credit details, eIDverifier utilizes a range of data sources to generate multi-choice questions and answers that only the true identity owner should know. This insight translates into an accurate, fact-based verification of a customer’s identity.

Get eIDverifier® on your side:

  • Block unauthorized individuals from assessing your online services

  • Reduce identity fraud and comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations

  • Manage the risks associated with new customers

  • Easily adjust identity verification criteria to match your own risk strategy

Flexible, accurate and near-instant, eIDverifier confirms customer identities for you, letting you get on with the business at hand.