Valuable insights come from a deep understanding of your most compelling business needs. Our professional team of analysts, systems specialists and consultants — senior experts in industry, fraud, analytics and technology — strive to understand your markets, your industries, your goals and your desired results to help you derive the greatest value from our data-driven insights.

Headshot for Navgeet Bal

Navgeet Bal

Commercial Consultant

Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Custom Analytics, Portfolio Management, Collections, Lost Sales Analysis

Abhishek Bhasin headshot

Abhishek Bhasin

Senior Consultant, Financial Institutions

Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Business and Credit Strategy, Risk Management, Marketing Analytics, Portfolio Management

Headshot for Kathy Catsiliras

Kathy Catsiliras

Director, SME, Telco, Auto & Government

Expertise: Analytics, Risk Management, Marketing, Decisioning Platforms, Portfolio Management

Headshot for Tony Del Zoppo

Tony Del Zoppo

Commercial Consultant

Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Commercial Origination, Account Management Models, Commercial Portfolio Management

Headshot for Will Dundas

Will Dundas

Senior Manager, Fraud Technology, Customer Insight

Expertise: Fraud Operations, First & Third Party Abuse, Investigations, Client Relationship Management, Breach/Compromise

Headshot for Mario Gagnier

Mario Gagnier

Senior Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Global Banking Analytics, Client Segmentation Strategy, Portfolio Management, Consumer Behaviour Modeling

Headshot for Justin Hayes

Justin Hayes

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Fraud and Identity Solutions, Solution and Process Architecture, Collections

Headshot for Ohmar Landagan

Ohmar Landagan

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Fraud and Identity Management, Decisioning Platforms, Predictive Modeling and Analytics

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Andrew Nikolishyn

Senior Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Customer Management, Risk Management

Headshot for Priyanka Parakarama

Priyanka Parakarama

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Customer Business Need/Lifecycle, Market Need Evaluation, New Product Design/Development, Collateral Management

Headshot for Renaud Ponton

Renaud Ponton

Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Decisioning Platforms, Portfolio Management, Loss Analysis

Headshot for Lee Schumacher

Lee Schumacher

Senior Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Portfolio Management, Loss Analysis, Custom Scorecard, Fraud Detection and Prevention

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Wilton Wong

Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Customer Management

Headshot for Kerem Baser

Kerem Baser

Senior Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Customer and Product Strategy Development, Customer Acquisition, Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics

Headshot for Patrick Boudreau

Patrick Boudreau

Senior Consultant, Identity & Fraud

Expertise: Synthetic Identity Detection, First-party Fraud Detection, Fraud Loss Reduction, Multi-channel Client Onboarding

Headshot for Kevin Chong

Kevin Chong

Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Customer Acquisition, Custom Analytics, Portfolio Management, Collections, Debt Recovery, Loss Sales Analysis

Headshot for Mira Dhir

Mira Dhir

Senior Analytics Consultant, Customer Insight

Expertise: Strategy Development, Portfolio Management, Analytics, Customer Acquisition, Marketing Campaign Analytics

Headshot for Yannick Falcon

Yannick Falcon

Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Data/Consumer Analytics, Process Improvement, Risk Management

Headshot for Tara Harrison

Tara Harrison

Senior Commercial Consultant

Expertise: Commercial and Consumer Analytics, Origination and Adjudication, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management

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Keenan King

Consultant, Fraud Technology

Expertise: Identity and Fraud Management, Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Loss Reduction, Identity Theft and Identity Fraud Insight, Fraud Detection Solutions

Headshot for Roger Mitchell

Roger Mitchell

Director, Financial Institutions & Commercial

Expertise: Data/Consumer Analytics, Strategy, Risk Management, Marketing, Portfolio Management

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Marc Noreau

Managing Director, Collection and Default Management Solutions

Expertise: Collection and Recovery, Secured Transaction Law, Bankruptcy Law, Public Government Procurement

Headshot for Cherolle Prince

Cherolle Prince

Senior Consultant, Identity & Fraud

Expertise: Fraud Prevention/Detection, Identity Management, Consulting

Headshot for Mackenzie Rozga

Mackenzie Rozga

Analytics Consultant

Expertise: Debt Recovery, Customer Acquisition, Analytics, Account Management

Headshot for Ann Stevens

Ann Stevens

Senior Manager, Identity & Fraud

Expertise: Analytics/Criminal Intelligence Insight, Fraud and Organized Crime, Identity Theft and Identity Fraud, Education and Awareness

Headshot for Tara Zecevic

Tara Zecevic

Vice President, Customer Insight

Expertise: Fraud Management, Customer Management, Risk Management