Equifax Marketing Solutions Suite

Precision target your marketing and ensure consumer loyalty with meaningful, in-depth insights

Stand out from the Crowd

Powered by our extensive credit database, our suite of marketing solutions equips you with meaningful, actionable customer insight. With detailed intelligence you can boost your acquisition and retention abilities and stand out from the crowd with precision targeted marketing campaigns. 


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When looking to turn potentials into customers, making a great first impression is critical. With access to aggregated credit data, you have the power to target your marketing efforts to maximize customer acquisition success.

Our aggregated data outlines consumer credit behaviour within a particular neighbourhood by giving you an idea of the financial health of any given area. At the postal code level, you can identify where consumers most likely to be in the market for your services reside.

Aggregated credit information helps you to maximize your limited marketing budget and gives intelligent focus to your campaigns.

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After you’ve signed on a new customer, keeping on top of their current circumstances can help provide personalized service and forge a long lasting relationship.

By providing instant alerts to changes in a customer’s employment status, address, or credit information, we can help you easily keep up to date with your customers' needs, and to identify opportunities to present the right service at the right time.  

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If there is one constant in business, it’s that there will always be a competitor trying to lure away your hard earned client-base. With Equifax on board, we can help you deliver those ‘wow’ moments that enhance and encourage customer loyalty and retention.

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of Canadian consumers to target your marketing. A customer address change might be a good opportunity to offer them a credit limit increase to help cover costs. A new credit card could present a chance to offer a new line of credit.

Whatever your sector, your product portfolio has a time and a place in your customers’ lives and Equifax will help you fit right in.

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Customer debt recovery is an inevitable part of running a business. The success of your collection efforts relies

on effective communication and an in-depth understanding of your client-base. With our array of debt recovery tools, you can:

  • easily keep customer contact data up to date so you can get in touch when you need to.
  • receive real time alerts whenever a customer’s credit history changes so you’re always aware of their current financial situation.
  • get the full customer picture to focus your recovery process and yield the most effective results.
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