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Tools to help take the risk out of credit applicant evaluations

Business success often hinges on choosing the right customers, so knowing all you can about your credit applicants has become an essential part of running a profitable company. It's the goal of our Decision Solutions Consulting Group to uncover the customer insights you need to manage risk and automate your customer decision making process.  


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Acquire new, profitable customers using specialized research, market surveys, and market segmentation analytical tools. Our automated processing and decisioning technologies help determine the risk/reward ratio of every prospect.

Base your business decisions on information to reduce risk and mitigate losses before they occur. Our risk-management tools can help you: identify delinquencies, liens and bankruptcy filings, verify applicant, customer and supplier identity, and act quickly on fraud alerts. We also have products that can help satisfy your Know Your Customer requirements.

Proactively manage fraud and stop losses before they occur. Our detailed approach to fraud prevention provides your business with multiple layers of defence against a very real epidemic.

With access to comprehensive databases and rich information sources, our team can help manage your existing customer base. Customer insight lets you maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, uncover portfolio trends, and improve customer retention through personalized service and support. 

Boost your debt recovery rates with tools that locate, segment and prioritize debtor accounts. With knowledge of debtor behaviour, you can effectively refine the ways in which you collect debts. And with our powerful scoring tools, you can uncover which accounts offer the greatest opportunities for recovery.

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