Contact solutions provide the latest available contact information for your client database

Product Overview

Equifax offers a tool to help you improve your customer relationship initiatives. We provide information that you can use to help you activate dormant accounts, redirect returned mail to the most recently reported address, and re-establish contact with previously unreachable customers.

Equifax Contact solutions helps make reaching your customers easier and more cost effective. Update your customer files with the most recently available name and address changes; check your customers’ place of employment and date of birth records; revise telephone numbers for customer service records and authorized call-out campaigns.

Use Equifax Contact solutions to help you:

  • Reach the right people using the most up-to-date address and telephone information available
  • Reduce the time it takes to locate your target audience and more effectively manage your marketing resources
  • Easily verify and update your contact information for your existing client base. Our automated system does the work of verifying contact information, which can then be downloaded into your existing database

Equifax Contact solutions contain the right intelligence to help you develop sophisticated marketing strategies and loyalty inspired account management activities.

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