Retail and Trade Impact

To profitably market to, underwrite and manage business and consumer customers in a demanding economy, you need the right information. Equifax offers specialized data, analytics, technology and expertise that retail and wholesale trade businesses need for a deeper understanding of both firmographics and demographics to help find, reach and service your ideal customers. 

Equifax has products and services that can help you gain insights and advantages that can help you make stronger offers and maximize account values throughout the customer relationship.

Featured Products and Solutions
Equifax AgePoint
Verify the age and location of your customers so you can quickly approve online transactions
Bankruptcy Navigator Index 3.0
The predictive power to guide your consumer lending strategy in the right direction
Identify fraud before it negatively impacts your business
Consumer Credit File
Make more informed decisions with predictive consumer insight
Give your business an extra level of security with accurate, real-time customer ID verification
Business Credit Report
Get the hard facts and make the right credit lending choices with our credit report
Score Complete
Assess the risk of all applicants, including new-to-credit customers
Decision Solutions Consulting Group
Equifax Marketing Solutions Suite
Precision target your marketing and ensure consumer loyalty with meaningful, in-depth insights