Commercial Data Attribute Service

Customer profiles help you make credit risk decisions with confidence

Product Overview

Make every credit lending decision count with our automated credit adjudication tool. By focusing on the factors most important to your business, Commercial Data Attribute Service helps you base your lending decisions on data, and helps remove the guesswork and risk of human-error.  

Our Commercial Data Attribute Service combines Equifax’s comprehensive, bar-raising credit database with powerful analytical insight technology. That helps you make your credit decisions with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

  • Get the Data You Need: With over 500 data attributes at your fingertips, you can base your lending decisions on criteria most relevant to your business. Our data attributes also let you segment your customers or calculate a risk score with ease.
  • Automated Calculations: No need to manually calculate attributes from trade lines, inquiries or public records – our Commercial Data Attribute Services does the job for you.
  • Consistent Decisions: Set rule-based evaluation criteria for a consistent lending decision process.
  • Real Time Data: Make accurate decisions based on the most up to date commercial credit information on the market.


Help make better credit decisions, save time and reduce administrative costs with our Commercial Data Attribute Service.


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