Collection Agencies

Access the freshest right-party contact information available on delinquent debtors
Recover Debt Efficiently

Knowing where to direct your attention can provide you with improved operational efficiency and help you reduce your operational risk. Using innovative technology, accurate consumer data and powerful analytics to strengthen your collection efforts, you can see valuable and long-lasting results. Small to mid-sized businesses have a limited amount of time and resources to chase elusive customers for payment on overdue accounts. Equifax offers easy to use debt collection tools that enable you to take advantage of relevant changes in a debtor's credit file to help you collect more payments on overdue accounts.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customer's ability to pay.
  • React quickly to changes in your customer's file that can impact their ability to pay.
  • Locate hard to find customers.
  • Overcome problems with returned mail by comparing what you have to the contact information on file in Canada's largest consumer credit database.
  • Enhance your ability to collect more payments on overdue accounts.
  • Minimize write-offs.

Whether your customers reside in financial services, communications, utilities, retail, mortgage, automotive or any other sectors, Equifax has what it takes to help you reduce bad debt.

Featured Products and Solutions
Optimize collections and credit management processes with cloud-based workflow automation technology
Contact solutions provide the latest available contact information for your client database
Contact Plus
Locate hard-to-find customers and keep your contact list updated
Triggers - Collection
Increase your revenue recovery activities by aligning resources with the most collectible consumers
Online Triggers
Online Triggers actively monitors your accounts to help minimize risk and boost productivity
Deposit Alert
Learn if new applicants have had a deposit account closed due to misuse
Consumer Credit File
Make more informed decisions with predictive consumer insight
Business Credit Report
Get the hard facts and make the right credit lending choices with our credit report
Equifax Debt Services
Recovering money owed easily and profitably is possible when customer insights drive activity