Corporate Search

Maintain a robust credit risk strategy with an investigative Equifax Corporate Search

Product Overview

At Equifax, we have a team specialized in uncovering in-depth corporate data not typically included in standard credit reports. If you’re planning on doing business with another company, an investigative Corporate Search can help you assess the potential risk involved.

Our Corporate Search is particularly valuable if the subject company is new in business or may have minimal credit history.

  • Meet The Research Team – Our investigative services team is trained to get the facts. They are specialized in locating corporate information from multiple data sources. After you let them know your research subject, they get to work. 
  • Inside the Report – After our team researches multiple sources, including provincial and federal registries, as well as the subject’s incorporation file, you receive information such as names of company officers and directors, incorporation dates, and more. All designed to boost your corporate intelligence, and help you minimize risk.


Ensure that your next business relationship is as meaningful as possible with an Equifax Corporate Search.

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