Credit Index and Payment Index

Credit and payment history insights with credit risk indicators

Product Overview

When determining the risk of granting a business credit there are numerous factors to take into consideration. Our Credit Index and Payment Index risk scoring tool collects more data from more sources than standard risk assessments. When loaning credit to a company, every bit of intelligence you can gather is crucial.

The Credit Index and Payment Index can help you:

  • Make tough credit decisions quickly and confidently
  • Set up a risk tolerance benchmark for all commercial customers
  • Know when to use risk-based pricing
  • Determine your own loss rates and loss allowances 

By splitting the risk score process into credit information and payment history, you get a helpful overview of a company’s level of trustworthiness and credit repayment reliability.

  • Using Equifax’s comprehensive credit database to create a Credit Index (CI) is the first part of the risk assessment process. This provides a snapshot of a company's overall creditworthiness. 
  • Looking beyond credit data is the Payment Index (PI), which measures the average number of days it takes a business to pay its suppliers. This gives you a clearer understanding of which companies could be considered trustworthy.

Better understand who you're working with and the risks with Credit Index and Payment Index from Equifax. 

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