Custom Models and Scores

Let our team of experts give insights on your decisioning processes

Product Overview

Be more competitive with custom business models and solutions that are tailored specifically for your unique business by the Equifax Analytics Consulting team

Using the expertise of our Analytics Consulting Team, our Custom Models and Scores can be set up to review and analyze an array of your business processes to let you know where and how you can be doing better.


Customized precisely to your needs, our team can provide:

  • Risk Models – see how you can better manage delinquency and bankruptcy riskAttrition
  • Models – better predict which of your customers is at risk of shifting their business elsewhere
  • Profitability Models – learn how to get and keep the best customers
  • Recovery Models – define how your business can best recover loansUp and Cross Sell Models – discover how to increase per customer wallet share


Each report is customized meaning that the data you get is relevant and meaningful. Give your business a competitive edge with our Custom Models and Scores.  

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