Generic Online DAS

Access the most up to date credit data to see the financial standing of potential clients

Product Overview

Why use last month’s credit file to make a decision on today’s customer? Our Generic Online Data Attribute Service uses the most up to date credit data to summarize the financial standing of your potential clients. Now you can make credit-lending decisions based on the most current data available.

Our Generic Online Data Attribute Service provides a quick, real-time view of a consumer’s finances based on information most commonly used during the credit adjudication process. The automated process also removes the need to calculate credit risk manually and provides a basis for applying consistent decision rules and calculating risk scores.

With over 100 data attributes on hand, you can sort credit information based on your own needs. Our attributes include:

  • Overview of a customer’s ‘credit wallet’ and outstanding debts
  • Length of credit history and recent credit activity
  • Delinquency status and payment history
  • Public record information

With a Generic Online Data Attribute Service, access the most up to date customer credit information so you can assess credit lending risk quickly, consistently and confidently. 

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