iDecision Power

Automated risk assessment tool for your credit lending decisions

Product Overview

iDecision Power, our automatic credit decision maker, uses Equifax’s comprehensive credit database. This online risk assessment tool takes your unique business needs to customize and automate decision making rules that matter to you. Now you can align your decision making with your business strategy.

Because iDecision Power is web-based and uses a simple interactive interface, you can manage your decision process without the need for any IT programming or other time-consuming resources.

Whether you review 100 or 100,000 credit applications and reports each month, with iDecision Power you can:

  • Automate your decision making criteria
  • Take control of your lending strategies by standardizing the decision process
  • Build and review your unique ‘decision tree’ – a clear outline of your business priorities
  • Test alternative decision making criteria before sending them live
  • Easily update your automated rules to stay in-tune with market trends

Confidently manage your credit decision-making process with iDecision Power.

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