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Leverage data-driven insights to help mitigate risk

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Managing market uncertainty during these challenging times is vital – for your customers, and for your business. Equifax is committed to providing an integrated approach to insights with a suite of reports and triggers that can help you understand and respond to economic trends.

Evaluate product and payment behaviours, identify consumers with the highest risk, proactively monitor portfolios, and tailor your business strategies with a solution that helps you best serve your customers now while you forecast for your organization’s future.


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The Vitality Report provides a pulse check, tracking lead indicators and emerging trends on a weekly basis to inform policy makers, economists, decision makers and market analysts on the impact on Canadian consumers.

Market Report provides a deeper dive into trends, focusing on the impact on the deferred payment population. Measure the impact on the credit life cycle through the movement of balances and account behaviour.

Portfolio Report extends your knowledge of the deferred population, giving you the tools to analyze the behaviours of your customers. Understand and identify potential challenges your customers may face as the market returns to normal and identify those that may have deferrals with competitors.

Leverage enhanced data triggers to manage your portfolio more effectively through the uncertainty. Flag accounts with deferrals that have faced challenges elsewhere. Manage your collections efforts by identifying those customers most likely to recover quickly as the economy returns to normal.

Keep current on lending behaviour trends and impacts with Market Navigator.

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