Mortgage Insights

Turn greater market intelligence into powerful mortgage portfolio performance.

Product Overview

Insight into the Canadian mortgage marketplace can be invaluable when it comes to steering your mortgage portfolio in the right direction. But finding the right data, and utilizing it to maximum effect, can be challenging.

Mortgage Insights goes beyond the broad marketplace overview provided by annual and national reports. It’s a dynamic analytical tool that gives you a precise picture of Canadian mortgage market trends.

With that kind of powerful data you get an insight into how your mortgage portfolio stacks up against the competition. It can help guide your acquisition, retention, and delinquency decisions so you can make sure your portfolio is at the top of its game.

This authoritative online tool gives you comparative market analysis right at your fingertips. Standard features include:

  • A list of comparative market criteria to explore and analyze
  • Quarterly data refreshes to keep you on top of market trends
  • The option to boost your analytical power with additional data sources


Get a snapshot of the state of your mortgage portfolio or delve deeper to take advantage of meaningful data with Mortgage Insights.

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