Unsecured Debt Services

Interconnected debt recovery tools and services to efficiently manage unsecured debt

Product Overview

Gain a new and unique approach to recovering  unsecured debt using our easy to use software platform, profiles enriched with Equifax data and analytics, and fully-managed service. We align customer insights and activity to give you:

Deeper Knowledge of your Customers

  • Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your customers’ financial circumstances
  • Get a clearer view on your customers’ ability to pay, and financial difficulties they may be experiencing
  • Require contact from fewer parties and less repetition of information
  • Inform conversations with deeper customer insights


Data-Driven Insights to Advance your Performance

  • Minimize recovery activities that are less likely to deliver a return
  • Reduce the cost required for you to collect
  • Control all touchpoints with clear visibility of account locations


Innovative and Streamlined Process

  • View and monitor your collections activities and outcomes
  • Test and learn with continuously reviewed and adapted strategies


Built with trusted data and insights, practitioner expertise in debt recovery and market leading technology, Unsecured Debt Services from Equifax can inform your decisions and help advance your performance. 

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