Featured Solutions
FraudIQ Manager™
FraudIQ Manager™ is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform, combining advanced analytics and consortium based fraud protection into one powerful solution.
Equifax Dimensions
For precision insights and a perspective you've never had before
Equifax Debt Services
Recovering money owed easily and profitably is possible when customer insights drive activity
Fraud Prevention
Safeguard your business from the damaging effects of fraud with our multi-layered prevention solutions
Equifax Marketing Solutions Suite
Precision target your marketing and ensure consumer loyalty with meaningful, in-depth insights
Credit Unions Solutions
Purpose-designed tools enabling credit unions to think boldly and grow strategically
Consulting Services from Equifax

The future of data is here. To help you build and protect your business. To help you reduce costs. To help you make better decisions today so you can win in tomorrow’s market. More than ever, Equifax data, analytics and technology can uncover powerful insights to help make a difference for your business.

Through streamlined delivery, technological innovation and employees who are focused on customer service, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to connect and work with us.