The Equifax Cloud™

Helps customers innovate faster, develop deeper insights, take smarter actions, and deliver better outcomes at scale.

What is the Equifax Cloud?

The Equifax Cloud is the foundation of our business. It is the result of our investment to create a world class, enterprise-wide infrastructure tailored to highly regulated data workloads.

We rebuilt our IT infrastructure in a cloud environment to be “cloud-native”
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We have reimagined and reengineered our tools, technology, and assets in the cloud for optimal performance and customer benefit.
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The Equifax Cloud enables capabilities at any scale, without the overhead of traditional relational databases or heavy online transaction-processing constraints.
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Our products, services, and solutions take full advantage of the benefits of cloud, becoming “cloud-native.”
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The Equifax developer center makes our API products and documentation available to the public.

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Email the Equifax Canada Client Migration Support Team at: for general transformation inquiries.
If you require additional assistance, contact our Global Business Services (GBS) team at or 1-877-227-8800.