Get to market—and revenue—faster

Push models and scores to market more quickly with Equifax Ignite® Direct, a “do-it-yourself” solution for companies with analytics teams who want to develop models and scores themselves. No more waiting or handing off work to IT – and it’s all in a single environment.

With Ignite Direct, you get access to Equifax’s Big Data Store that includes 14 different data assets in categories including (but not limited to):

  • Consumer Credit Aggregated Data (Non-PII)
  • Commercial Credit Aggregated Data
  • Equifax Attributes
  • Commercial Marketing Data

You also get integrated access to our Insights Workbench, which includes powerful analytic tools to help you easily and efficiently work with multiple data sources, build attributes, deploy models and much more, all within a single environment. 

  • High-speed Apache™ Hadoop® tools for ad hoc and data manipulation capabilities
  • Ability to standardize the model development process using both Equifax and your own data assets seamlessly in a single environment
  • Ability to develop, test and manage attributes in a single environment 
  • Generate Python, R & SAS® versions of attributes, models and algorithms for deployment into production using Equifax data combined with your own data
  • Ability to use Tibco Spotfire® for your data visualization and business intelligence needs for reporting on big data sets

How It Works

1. Data Scientist selects the data/resources needed from the Big Data Store. Powerful security controls plus strict data model governance support are automatically built into the solution.
2. Data Scientist accesses analytic tools from the Insights Workbench and builds analytical models/solutions on the selected data sources
3. Data Scientist deploys the solutions in your own production environment through integrated or batch delivery channels from Equifax