ClearPro™ is a one-stop, always-on employee background screening tool that can help you earn customer trust, protect your brand from reputational risk, and avoid fraud losses.

Help build customer trust and avoid potential fraud losses

ClearPro TM Business Benefits

ClearPro empowers you to screen employees daily to help ensure the ongoing integrity of your workforce, proactively protect your company's brand, and build trust with your customers.

ClearPro is powered by extensive data sources including Equifax's proprietary credit file database, plus sanctions lists, identity proofing and global negative media files. Our always-on background monitoring tool can help you identify employees, representatives and intermediaries associated with suspicious fraud activity.

Help protect your business from potential fraud losses and reputational risk

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Powered by Equifax data, ClearPro is secure, safe and user-friendly

  • Consolidates and simplifies multiple screening requirements

  • Simple and secure submission process and reporting

  • Always-on monitoring works daily to catch new suspicious activity

  • Proven, trusted, third party provider of fraud detection and compliance solutions

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