Business Need

Minimize Portfolio Risk

Help protect your bottom line at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Optimize Relationships

Risk management in a dynamic economy requires a more in-depth view of your customers' credit health. At Equifax, we give you a clearer, more comprehensive picture of creditworthiness by combining our industry-leading credit data with advanced analytics and powerful technology to deliver actionable, meaningful insights that you can use to better protect your bottom line.

From predictive scores that help forecast financial trouble to linking technology that shows you relationships between consumer and commercial accounts, we help you quickly understand the bigger story—not just the numbers—behind your customers. You gain the power to make more confident, informed decisions that can help you drive better outcomes for both your business, and your valued customers. 

You can build a custom, integrated solution from our full suite of products and services, or access individual reports via our user-friendly online interface to support your risk-specific business needs at every stage of the account lifecycle, from acquisition through account management and collections.

Visualize risk with current, industry-leading consumer and commercial reports built from proprietary Equifax data, alternative data from the cable, utility and telecom industries and other exclusive sources not available anywhere else.

Anticipate changes in financial health with predictive scores, account monitoring, automated alerts and the ability to recognize related new account activity across your consumer and commercial customer bases.

Make more informed decisions with speed and consistency by using advanced, cloud-based technology to unify customer data and activity under one platform that is accessible by all relevant teams across your organization.

Featured Products and Solutions
Bankruptcy Navigator Index 4.0
Stay ahead of bankruptcy risk with our most predictive score ever
Business Credit Report
Get the hard facts and make the right credit lending choices with our credit report
Business Failure Risk Score
Make informed lending decisions with details on your potential clients
Consumer Credit File
Make more informed decisions with predictive consumer insight
Commercial Delinquency Score
Helps predict the likelihood of a company paying their bills
Commercial Risk Scores and Indicators
Make informed credit decisions with our suite of assessment tools
Equifax Risk Score 2.0
Deeper credit and valuation drives smarter business decisions
FICO® Score 10 based on Equifax Data
The most powerful FICO Score ever
Score Complete
Assess the risk of all applicants, including new-to-credit customers