PPSA Connect

Manage property debt collateral from a single easy-to-use interface

Product Overview

Using property as collateral to secure a debt? Register property quickly and manage it effectively with PPSA Connect, our one-stop web portal linking you with all personal property registries across Canada.

PPSA Connect effectively automates and simplifies the lien registration process. It helps you to comply with the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) to quickly secure the rights of both the creditor and debtor.

As well as near real-time property registration, PPSA Connect helps you:

  • Manage lien renewals and discharges
  • Conduct advanced lien registry searches
  • Keep track of your collateral with searchable, date marked transaction records
  • Comply with all provincial and federal lien requirements

With PPSA Connect, Equifax provides a solution that bridges the adjudication and ongoing account management processes from a single solution provider.

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