Property Dimensions

Delivering precise, targeted insights into the financial health of your customers

Product Overview

A new solution within the Equifax Dimensions™ suite, Property Dimensions™ combines credit and mortgage information with real estate equity values. 

This unique pairing of real estate market valuations and consumer credit data is the result of an exclusive partnership with Teranet, a Canadian leader in electronic land registration and real estate insights. 

By supplementing mortgage and HELOC balances with loan-to-value ratios, estimated property values and available home equity, you’ll gain the deep insight you need to help:

  • Optimize revenues and grow your share of the mortgage market
  • Segment and target your customers with the right lending offers
  • Manage debt recoveries more effectively and deepen customer relationship


Property Dimensions. An exclusive pairing of real estate and credit data for Precision Insights™ on the financial health of your customers.

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