Enhance your insight into the Equifax Credit File

Product Overview

Triggers*, our automated account management tool, is your key to identifying which of your clients are high priority. Powered by Equifax credit data, if one of your customers’ credit files/records is updated, you can respond according to your practices without having to pull the full credit file and with no impact to your customer’s credit score.

With Triggers, you select the portfolio activity to monitor so you can make important decisions or take action to retain customers and maximize your revenue.

An alert is triggered by events such as:

  • Credit score changes
  • Credit balance changes
  • Credit utilization changes
  • Address changes
  • New credit inquiries

Let Triggers from Equifax help you:

  • Monitor and action vital changes in a customer's credit profile before it impacts your business relationship by providing you with a detailed look into your account base
  • Gain insight into your customer's actions to deliver better, faster, and personalized service
  • Identify and reach your best customers to strengthen relationships and boost loyalty


With Triggers, you never need to miss an opportunity to optimize your customer accounts again.

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