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Learn about credit scores, your creditworthiness and how credit scores are used in day to day life.

How to Build Credit in Canada

Whether you’re a young adult, a recent immigrant, or just new to credit, building your credit history in Canada is an essential first step to help you achieve some of your financial goals.

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Credit Protection Strategies: How to Protect Your Credit while Managing Debt

Making the wrong money decisions can hurt your credit scores, possibly making it harder to get a loan or a lower interest rate. These six money moves can help you stretch your dollar without damaging your credit.


How to improve your credit scores

If your credit scores are on the lower end, there are some actions you can take to help boost your scores and increase your chance of being approved for a loan at a better interest rate.

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Is now the right time to buy your first home?

Are you thinking about buying your first home? Ask yourself these questions to help you figure out if it’s the right time for you.

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Top factors that affect your credit scores

Equifax and Fairstone collaborated to create a quick guide to help you understand how your credit scores may be calculated and what actions you can take to improve them.

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Should you sign up for that credit card on campus?

Getting a credit card as a post-secondary student may be easier than at any other time of your life. But a credit card can only help you build a positive credit history if you use it responsibly. Learn more.

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Are you worried about rising interest rates? These tips can help you balance your budget and protect your credit scores as interest rates rise.

If you’re finding it harder to make ends meet, you’re not alone. But skipping bill payments isn’t the answer. Learn more about how to stretch your hard-earned dollars while protecting your credit scores.

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What credit scores do I need to get a personal loan?

There is no hard and fast credit score you need to get a personal loan, but your credit scores can impact the type of loan and terms you are eligible for.  Learn more here from Equifax Canada.

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Debt Consolidation: What You Need To Know

Learn more about how debt consolidation works and discover options for paying down debts in our informative guide. We will help you find the best solutions for paying off debt that can fit your current needs.

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How to prepare an emergency fund

Creating an emergency fund takes discipline and planning, but ultimately it will help you be prepared for unexpected costs during difficult times. Equifax helps you prepare your emergency fund here.

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Q&A with Julie Kuzmic: Talking Credit & Money

Equifax Canada’s Director of Consumer Advocacy Julie Kuzmic explores why it's so important to have conversations about credit and money in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID + Credit: Deferred Payments and Your Credit Report

How to navigate deferred payments and your credit report during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

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10 Things That Won't Hurt Your Credit Scores

Did you know that not every action impacts your credit scores? Here are 10 things that, while they may influence your finances, will not affect your credit scores.

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What is a Credit Mix and How Does it Affect Credit Scores?

Maintaining a diverse credit mix can positively impact your credit scores. But what is a credit mix and how do you create it?

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Why Do I Have Different Credit Scores?

You don't have just one credit score, and there are several reasons why your credit scores may differ. 

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Why Do Credit Scores Change?

It's completely normal for your credit scores to change. But why does this happen? Here are a few reasons.

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5 Things to Know About Your Credit Scores

There are still misconceptions around credit scores, what they mean and factors that can impact them. We answer 5 questions about credit scores.

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How Can You Check Your Credit Scores?

Credit reports from the two nationwide credit bureaus usually don't contain credit scores. But there are several ways you can check credit scores.

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How Are Credit Scores Calculated?

Learn about the main factors involved in calculating a credit score.

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What Factors Impact My Credit Scores?

When it comes to financial progress and credit, it's important to understand the actions that may influence your credit scores.

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How Can Student Loans Affect Your Credit?

Learn how student loans might affect your credit and what you can do to handle them responsibly.

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